What is Lumenscapes 360?

We are specialists in live action Fulldome film making and are committed to being the premiere creators of live action fulldome experiences world wide.  Traditional fulldome experiences rely heavily on CGI to guide the audience through the narrative.  We are breaking new ground in this medium through a combination of  traditional studio picture techniques and our own approach to both film making and immersive storytelling.

We believe that immersive media is the future and unlike personal VR headsets which isolate the user we are creating a portable Communal Immersive Media(CIM) experience.

Portable Fulldome cinema and event domes

Projection Domes
//Engage your audience with a 360-degree, ultra-high-definition visual experience. The entire inside surface of the geodesic dome becomes a canvas for animation, video, live text messages, video games and more. Our multi-channel systems can deliver high resolution image, capable of exceeding IMAX film quality. Add our surround audio, projection and interactive capabilities, and the possibilities are limited only by the imagination.//
Content Development and Production
//Fulldome films are a powerful way to present data, create an artistic experience or tell your story. Let us help with development of your next project. We can bring your project to life. with state of the art digital film making techniques, aerial photography, CGI and post production services customized around the dome cinema experience.//
//Along with creating content we are also working tirelessly to develop technology for the dome.  Please support our efforts to provide open source software for the dome community.  vDome v2.0 is a push to take the software to the next level by adding useful functionality and tools and of course provide the software to the world via Git Hub.//
Full Dome Examples
Watch some FullDome shows produced by or in partnership with Lumenscapes.

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