What are Lumenscapes?

Illumination is one of the purest forms of immersive art, defining space and the perception of structure, depth and motion.  Immersive art and the pursuit of creating what’s next is our work, media and illumination have become married like never before and we have been nurturing that romance for many years.

We write the narrative, develop tools, design and procure immersive experiences using live design and magic.
Projection, illumination, spatialized sound, AR/VR/ASR, rapid prototyping and digital fabrication are some of the tools we use to create the experience.
we can guide you through our stories or choose your own adventure. These are Lumenscapes.

•Projection Mapping
•Short form narrative
•Choose your own Adventure
•Pop up installation
•Permanent and long term Installations
•Next generation storytelling
•installation design
•Cinema Design
•Architectural installation
•Custom Millwork
•Custom Form Casting

Immersive cinema 
Content Development and Production

Let us help with development of your next project. We can bring your project to life. With state of the art digital film making techniques,  systems design, software and structures.  Our artists and designers understand the immersive media experience.

Full Dome Examples

Watch some FullDome shows produced by or in partnership with Lumenscapes.



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